Email continues to be the leading application on the Internet and continues to grow at an advancing rate:

FACTS: 87% of virus infections occur via email attachments, an increase from 56% in 1999 and 32% in 1998.

FACT: 84% of virus infections result in up to 20 work days lost and 50 hours for recovery and costs, on average, $10,000. Companies also report losing up to 70% productivity during a virus attack, and losing up to 40% of data after the fact.

FACTS :Macro viruses, the most common form, are twice as likely to be transferred in an email attachment than from a disk or Internet download

E-mmunize your users with Right Mail virus scanning.

Stop email-bourne viruses before they attack. Right Mail scans all inbound attachments to protect company networks from email viruses, and all outbound attachments to save users from the potential embarrassment and liability of spreading a virus.

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Corporate Solutions

Your Own Mail Domain for just a few Rupees a Day

By providing messaging solutions to small businesses like yours, Right Mail is helping to create the next generation of large and successful corporations. For just a few paisa a day per user, small business owners and managers can concentrate on running and growing their businesses, not their messaging systems.

For businesses with 1 to 500 or 50,000 employees, Right Mail can provide e-mail to your company with your own mail domain name, for example employee@yourname.com. Your own domain name gives your business a more polished professional image while projecting your company name and bringing it greater exposure.

In addition to the standard web mail features, the Small Business package offers spam protection (over 95% effective), POP/ SMTP/ IMAP access, 25 MB storage space Mail forwarding , An Under construction Page and more.

What are the benefits to you?

  •  Branded web interface - create your own "look and feel"
  •  Your own domain name
  •  More Professional Appeal
  •  Flexibility and Total Control
  •  Easy to remember and customizable
  •  Email address for life
  •  Additional security from viruses and spam
  •  Technical support and monthly reporting
  •  Custom solutions
Access to e-mail anytime, anywhere - perfect for traveling salespeople through our Right Mail's Web Mail interface.

To learn more about Virus free emailing or the prices of the same please email us on info@spani.in with Virus free emailing in the subject line.